8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2021

Reflection is the building block of development

Abdullah Nadeem
1 min readDec 30, 2020

For most of us, this year has been hectic and unexpected, however, there is always an opportunity to reflect upon the positives and negatives of our character.

If you’re stuck in lockdown somewhere, try this sit-down-self exploration exercise where you reflect on how your year has gone in the hope on gaining some insight to improve the next.

“Human systems grow toward what they persistently ask questions about” — David Cooperrider

1.When have you felt proud of yourself in 2020? What were you doing?

2. If you had to teach something you learnt this year what would that be?

3. What kept you up at night with excitement this year? Would you want more of it?

4. How did you have fun differently in 2020?

5. How did you suffer differently in 2020?

6. What did you feel guilty for? Is this still the case going into next year?

7. What things did you stop caring about?

8. Do you think you spent enough time with your family and friends?

Have a great week!




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